Bandidas -The Movie
Original Soundtrack

by Movie Editor

Former bassist Jacques Higelin and Eric Serra made their debut alongside Luc Besson, and never left. After receiving several awards for his soundtracks, including Subway and Le Grand Bleu, Higelin also wrote the music for a James Bond film, Goldeneye, and composed several solo albums influenced by ethnic music.

At what point is it difficult to write a western music "forgetting" Ennio Morricone?
Can not forget, it hit so hard! For my generation, he plays western music par excellence. So, I deliberately slipped into the soundtrack a few nods to Morricone, that work even better than the film is a comedy. Overall, you can not avoid it, any more than James Bond theme: when I composed the music for Goldeneye, I was forced to use at certain times of the film if it was no longer a James Bond! And western is not really without reference to Ennio Morricone ... That said, I managed to compose a soundtrack that has its own identity. Me and interesting Mexican music, I realized that there are many themes identified Morricone actually come from the traditional Mexican music, including "deguello." This is a kind of bugle-based trumpet and guitar, with the first three notes "do" as they are typically Morricone Mexican!

Exactly, you drew in many Spanish and Mexican influences?
Yeah, I'm a lot of fun to do things the traditional nickname, particularly in the spirit of Mariachi groups. Implying imperfections volunteers and the use of average quality instruments to recreate the "color" that is specific to Mariachi.

Did you use special instruments?
There are obviously a lot of guitars but I used a variety of instruments, and sometimes far removed from the genre: they have a priori nothing to do there but they sound good, like tambouriza, a kind of small mandolin Yugoslav or chora, large African harp. For low Mariachi, I even used an African instrument that I do not know the name, consisting of a box of cons-plated blades and hacksaw. It is a kind of thumb piano bigger and it perfectly reproduces the bass guitar without resonances Mariachi. I also used a lot of percussion and melodica (mouth accordion). In short, I'm fun!

Have you made ​​a specific theme for each of the two Bandidas?
Yeah, but the idea is obviously not to follow this pattern too strict: it happens that the theme is played one for the other and vice versa. At what stage of production you started writing? When the directors asked me to write the music and Bandidas I read the script, I started to think clearly. But I work primarily in the picture, so I waited for the final assembly really put me.

Is this your usual way?
Yeah, because that is exactly what I am interested in film music: I do not write a note almost without looking at the image, synchronization is permanent. I try to be as specific as possible so that the images dance to the music, that the merger is complete. Luc Besson has asked me to write before the shooting, but to his chagrin, I do very rarely!

Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek in Bandidas


Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek in Bandidas